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Club History

Mount Pleasant is known as one of the friendliest tennis clubs in Calgary. It  is located at the top of the Centre Street hill at 4th Avenue and 1st Street NE, just above downtown Calgary.

The exact date of the founding of the club is not known. We do know, however, that the first club championships were played in the summer of 1932.

The club originally had five red Drumheller/Lethbridge shale courts and a unisex exchange room, which is now the small equipment shed still on site. A fully equipped clubhouse was constructed in 1953, financed by floating a debenture amongst the members, and involved a great deal of volunteer work on the site. Two clubhouse extensions were added in 1962 and 1976.

A major decision was made in 1971 to replace the deteriorating shale courts with asphalt-based Plexipave courts, which were formally opened by swimming champion, Elaine Tanner. Although the move was somewhat controversial, it soon found full acceptance by the members as it extended the season at both ends and allowed for unlimited play. Playing time on the shale courts had been restricted, due to the wear and tear incurred.

MPTC prides itself on its strong tradition of volunteerism, which encourages participation and helps to keep membership fees low. The club is also renowned for its friendly environment. Guests, of course, are always welcome.

MPTC Bylaws were updated in April 2023.   Click the Icon to download a copy.

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