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Mount Pleasant Tennis Club offers all 5 courts for exclusive use to seniors on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00am to noon.

This program is open to club members ($1) and non members ($10). It has been a great success over the years and prompted many senior players to become club members. To participate, drop in and enjoy great recreational tennis. Please note, the official $10 guest fee applies to all adults over 18 at any other time.

We are all excited to start another season of fun, social, organized tennis sessions on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:00 to 12:00 noon.


Senior's Tennis will start on the first Monday following Opening Day. 


 As you all are aware, on the Monday Holiday of a long weekend, Senior's Tennis is cancelled to make the courts available to all members and guests for the day. This has meant that Senior's Day on Mondays is cancelled 4 times over the tennis season.


The MPTC Board has decided that when Senior's Tennis is cancelled due to a Holiday Monday, we will hold Senior's Tennis the next day, Tuesday. Wednesday Senior's will continue as usual. 

Seniors Interclub Schedule

May 28  CWC @ MP (Time: 10am)


June 4 Edgemont @ MP | Time: 10am

June 11 SP @ MP | Time: 10am

June 18 WH @ MP | Time: 10am

June 26  MP @ ATC (W) | Time: 12pm


July 3  MP @ Rosedale (W) | Time: 10am

July 10  MP @ CTC (W) | Time: 9am

July  17  MP @ CWC (W) | Time: 9am

July 24  MP @ Edgemont (W) | Time 9am

July 30  SP @ MP | Time: 10am


Aug 6  ATC @ MP @ (Tues) | Time: 12:15 pm

Aug 14 MP @ WH (W) | Time: 10am

Aug 20 Rosedale @ MP | Time:  10am

Aug 27 CTC @ MP | Time: 10am

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