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General Play

There are 5 courts at MPTC. Most of the time all 5 courts are available for general play, however there art times when one or more courts may be reserved.  This can include lessons, social events, interclub, tournaments or other board approved special events.  Go the Club Calendar to see court bookings and general availability.

There is no booking systems for general play.  Players must sign up for court time when they arrive at the club on the chalkboard and record their start time.  Singles play is 20 minutes, doubles play is 30 minutes, however players can continue to play until someone else arrives and signs up for the court.  

Players who's time has expired must leave the court and can sign up for another court and reset their time.  Times cannot be changed until all players leave the court and sign up for a new court.

This system has been in effect at MPTC for many years resulting in relatively short wait time between hitting sessions even when the courts are busy.   It is important that all members are aware of the court system and honor this method to ensure equitable playing opportunities for all.

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