Ladder (Pyramid) - Rules of Engagement

General rules:

  • The event is a single event only

  • There will be a separate ladder for men and ladies.  If so desired a lady can also enter the men's ladder.

  • Event is open to all members.  Non members are welcome but are required to pay guest fee on all days when playing.

  • All players enrolled will have a name tag with their name and contact phone number posted on the board at the club house.


  • In order to enrol please call the club until July 1, 2019 and register.  The Tournament Director will create original seeding of ladder with entries received based on current ranking on Tennis Alberta web site and results from last year's club championship results. Entries received after July 1, 2019 will need to start at the bottom of the ladder.

Ladder rules:

  • The person on top of the pyramid is considered the strongest player. In any level below the person on the left side is deemed to be the stronger player then his peer on the right.

  • Players challenge each other in order to move up the pyramid, they can only challenge 1 row above their position or challenge a person to the left at the same level.

  • If challenger wins than his name will be move to position of challenged player and loser name moves to challenger’s spot.

  • For season 2019 a challenger can only challenge the same player twice.

Organize games:

  • All ladder matches shall be played on court 5. 

  • Challenger to contact player he wishes to challenge and agree on playing time.  It is expected that game will be played within 7 days and that mutually agreed arrangements are made.

  • Challenger then to call the club to reserve court 5. Please note that only court 5 is available for matches whereby 20 minutes playtime singles is waived.  Matches can be played on other courts, but 20 minutes playtime for singles applies.

  • Please note that no games will be scheduled during social events and tournaments. 

Match details & Scoring:

  • Matches are played as pro set (first to eight with tie break at 7 all). 

  • Challenger to supply the balls (New balls J)

  • Once game is completed please record the score on scoring sheet at the club house.

  • If a player does not show up within 15 minutes of agreed game time the person on court will win by default (w.o.)

  • 5 minutes warm up prior to game applies