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The MPTC tournament calendar includes a variety of tournament options.  Most tournaments are for members only.   


Our annual member tournaments include:

  • Warm-up Tournament (June 13-16) - this is a "just-for-fun" tournament | singles and mixed doubles

  • Singles Club Championship (August 8-11) - Men's and Women's draws | open to all members  NEW DATE

  • Doubles Club Championship (August 22-15) - Men's, Women's and Mixed draws | open to all members

  • Seniors Club Championship (August - 26-28) - open to all seniors members 60 and over

Doubles Warm-Up Tournament (Sunday June 23)


  • 5 pools of 4 teams each = 20 teams​ / 40 players

Round Robin Format

  • Each Team will play 3 round robin matches

  • Matches times are 45 minutes (5 minute warm-up | 40 minutes of play)

    • NOTE: match length was shortened in order to accommodate all the matches​

  • Times will be strictly observed

    • Players/Teams arriving late will not be permitted a warm-up

    • 1 game will be awarded to the other team for each 5 mins of lost playing time

  • Match ends when a team wins 8 games or when time expires (whichever is shorter)

  • Incomplete games at end of time will not count for either team

Team points

  • Players/Teams will receive 1 point for won game

  • Team that wins the match will receive and additional 1 point

  • If the set is tied at the end of time neither team is awarded an extra point

  • Any match that is forfeit - is automatically 5-0 for the opposition

Playoffs (Sunday afternoon)

  • Top team from each pool (based on total points) advances to the elimination playoffs (if two players are tied for points the head to head match will determine the winner)

  • Three wild card teams will will qualify for the playoffs

    • Wild cards will be awarded to the top point earning team(s) that did not win their pool

    • should there be a tie between teams, games for and against will be used, should this still be a tie we will flip a coin

  • Playoff matches will follow the same format as the round robin

    • should the score be tied at the end of regulation time, the incomplete game will not count and teams will play a 5 point tie break​​

Weather Policy

  • If the weather gets bad we may have to cancel the remainder of the tournament as it becomes too difficult and time consuming to reschedule for the third time.


If you are early, you are on time..

If you are on time, you are probably late.

If you are late, you are losing points



  • Sunday Morning Round Robin Play (8:45am - 12:30pm) 

    • All Pools are playing at this time

  • Sunday Afternoon Playoffs

    • Quarter-final - 1:30pm

    • Semi-final -  2:15pm

    • Final - 3:00pm

Click HERE for the Doubles Tournament Pool and Match Information

Note: Round 1 start time has been adjusted to 8:45am, round 2 starts at 9:30am.

Masters Tournament (Tennis Alberta)

 July 18 - 21

This summer MPTC will be hosting a Tennis Alberta sanctioned Masters Tournament.   This tournament is open to Tennis Alberta members.   Go to the Tennis Alberta Website (Tournaments) to find details.

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