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Coaching Schedule

  • Saturdays 4pm - 10pm


Lesson Fees

  • Private: $60/hr

  • Semi-private: $40/hr each

  • Groups of 3: $35/hr each

  • Groups of 4: $29/hr each

Specialty Tennis Camp

  • 1 month, limited spots (4 to 6 players) for beginners or players with limited experience

  • 4 Saturdays, 1.5 hours each Saturday from 5 to 6:30 PM. 1 topic per lesson:

    1. Forehand (basic technique, grip, and stance. Handling deep, short, low and high balls).

    2. Backhand (basic technique, grip, and stance. Handling deep, short, low, and high balls. Players will be show both the one-handed and the 2-handed backhands).

    3. Volleys (forehand and backhand, footwork to get out of the way, grip, stance, and technique).

    4. Serve and return technique, stance, and grip. 

Cost $175 (tax included). In the event of weather problems, the camp will be extented to the next weekend to make up for any missed lessons. Payment due at time of registration. No refunds, you may have someone substitute any lesson which you can not attend.


Start date: Saturday, May 4th at 5 PM to 6:30 PM.

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